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Get the luster back in your oriental rug!

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A gorgeous oriental rug can become a topic of conversation and a luxurious centerpiece to your home. We specialize in cleaning rugs like yours so that they get their original beauty and luster back!

Restore the beauty of your rug!

Do you remember how you fell in love with your rug when you first saw it? We can help you find that feeling again by giving your rug a thorough cleaning. You'll be amazed at the difference we can make!

What we do

First, we do a thorough dusting to remove dirt and grime. Then we wash front and back of your rug with mild detergent.

We then use a special softener to bring out the original color and luster before rinsing several times. Finally, we place the rug in an extracting machine.

What you get

  • Incredible experience
  • Great service
  • Thorough dusting
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No aggressive scrubbing
  • Complete rinsing
  • No soap residue remaining
  • Original luster of your rug