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Reweaving Work for Your Rug!

Carpet Reweave Process

Hole in your antique rug? No problem. Damage to your gorgeous new oriental carpet. Relax. Tribal Loom has been making museum quality carpet repairs since the early 80s. For the finest carpet repair and reweaves the mid-atlantic area offers call Tribal Loom today.

Bring your rug back to life

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You love the rug you've chosen to decorate your home or business, but sometimes it is difficult to keep it intact or safe. When your oriental or Native American rug is damaged, we can help restore it to its gorgeous original!

Tribal Loom can secure frayed ends caused by normal wear and tear to a complete reweave to repair holes caused by plants and animals and kids. No repair is too big or too small.

What we can do for you and your rug

When you bring your damaged rug to us, you will get considerate and careful service. We guarantee it!

Reweaving lost ends or holes in the interior of your rug means stabilizing the structure to make your rug look as beautiful as it did when you got it!

What reweaving means

  • Careful consideration of color
  • Personalized attention
  • Consideration of yarn texture
  • Expert work
  • Color and texture matching
  • Maintain structural integrity
  • Great service
  • Fix ends and internal holes